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What makes SaveMail secure?

SaveMail is secure front-end to back-end. The system runs on a bank-grade hosted platform (located in Australia). Additionally, administration access to the platform requires second factor security (using Geodica’s TouchPass).

Can my customers upload their own documents?

SaveMail/Enterprise is designed for institutions to provide a white-labelled electronic document repository and presentation service for its customers. By default, private customer upload is not enabled, but this can be turned on for customers if required.

Who can upload documents for users?

SaveMail has a simple, elegant and efficient interface that allows your external mailing house, IT partners, service provider or internal department to upload processed items for presentation to customers. The process makes it extremely easy to load content into the repository so that you can have your latest statements, invoices and marketing material in front of your customers within hours of processing.

What can customers do with documents in the repository?

SaveMail users can save, print and send documents from the archive. They can also tag and search items in their repository. Over time, the repository can become a secure, reliable source for archived documents for your customers.

Is it possible to put other mailpack items in the repository?

Yes. Any standard media that can be placed in a traditional mailpack can be uploaded and provided to SaveMail users for viewing.


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